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Public Address Systems

Public Address System, otherwise known as a PA System consist of a microphone that is amplified through loudspeakers to address a crowd or group.

Here is some different PA system applications and products we have available...
Portable PA System

Portable PA systems are generally used for small crowds like boardroom meetings, small outdoor gatherings and business events. Our amazing range of portable PA systems are not limited to the paging functionality but features auxiliary and Bluetooth connectivity.

Whether you're at a backyard party, company picnic or just relaxing by the pool, these systems delivers a brilliant music listening  experience.

Here are some of the amazing portable PA system products...

Fixed PA System

Fixed or installed PA system consist of a paging function (microphone, telephone or intercom) that is connected to a mixing amplifier to power loudspeakers.

We specialize in installing these types of PA systems for retail stores, factories, malls, restaurants, schools and much more.

The amount and type of speakers used will determine the size and output specs of the matching amplifier. When combined with background sound these systems are ideal for retail and factory environments.

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Here are some of the products that make up a PA system...

We have been at the forefront of 100V Line systems and PA systems for over 20 years. How can we assist you today...

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